Protesters are angry about these strange negotiations to release protesters. What kind of practice is this?

September 28th

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// BREAKING: There is a video a protestor recorded that shows the cops swung first..inciting the riot. #Ferguson//


  • NO ONE in attacked chief Jackson
  • NO ONE WAS TRYING TO HARM CHIEF JACKSON. LOOK: this is seconds b4 the mayhem. cc
  • I was right by the chief for much of his walking . No one attacked him. Folks were trying to protect him if anything!
  • Fox and other media outlets falsely reporting that protestors attacked police chief. Live streams show otherwise in

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// Sometimes I wonder how many people are theatre fans on tumblr.//




Reblog if you enjoy theatre.

Any musical.

Any straight play.

If there is a single one you like, reblog.



that everyone secretly loves theater

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as-howarth said: Hey John, what is your reaction to the news that the Riverside district has chosen to ban TFIOS from middle school libraries on the grounds that it deals with mortality and sex? I remember your reactions to similar situations concerning your books have been pretty animated and wondered what you thought?


I guess I am both happy and sad.

I am happy because apparently young people in Riverside, California will never witness or experience mortality since they won’t be reading my book, which is great for them.

But I am also sad because I was really hoping I would be able to introduce the idea that human beings die to the children of Riverside, California and thereby crush their dreams of immortality.


Long exposure of a departing Tram in Budapest covered with 30,000 LEDs


Long exposure of a departing Tram in Budapest covered with 30,000 LEDs

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Do you still perform autopsies on conversations you had lives ago?
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